June 4, 2021

Blitz Be Casino Bonuses 2022

By Rowena

Blitz.be Casino Bonuses 2021 :

The Blitz.be Casino features a wide variety of games from Gaming1, and can be downloaded on iOS or Android devices for your convenience! They don’t offer any bonuses right now–but that doesn’t mean you should play elsewhere!

Blitz.be Casino VIP

Start earning points for the rewards you want today with Blitz! Log on to your personalized page and start accumulating these awesome prizes. The more points you earn, the better quality of prize you will receive in return. You can redeem your hard-earned blitzpoints at any time online or over a phone call; so what are waiting for? Get started by logging onto www.BlitzPointsNow

Bonuses Promotions

For our new players, Blitz.be has a very generous welcome bonus where you can receive up to €350 on your first deposit! In addition, blitz offers another great bonus which is the Friendship Bonus- refer friends and earn €20 for each one that registers with us! Signing up today will also get you an automatic deposit of 10€ in your account giving it at least a total amount of 360€ so signup now for all these amazing bonuses

in just 3 easy steps:


As a customer, your banking needs are no doubt important to you. Luckily we have the best in bank methods that will suit any need! We offer Visa and Mastercard for those who want credit cards or debit card transactions respectively. If you prefer Bancontact / Mister Cash or Hipay there is always our iDeal service available as well with its many benefits such as speedy processing speeds of 2-3 days which can be great when it comes time to pay rent on time before getting hit with late fees like last month!

The best way to manage your money just got better thanks to all these options at Bank Xpress’s disposal from traditional checking account services & international payments (ZIP)s down payment mortgages, through not


Don’t go into battle unprepared, and don’t play poker without practice. Blitz.be is a casino that offers blackjack, roulette and dice games for everyone to enjoy!

Loyalty Rewards VIP

You know those awesome loyalty programs that give you points for every purchase and let you redeem them in store? Blitz.be is like one of those, but better! You get to collect points by playing games – €10 per game wagered will put 1 point on your account until they’re maxed out at 2000 – then cash them in when the prizes are worth it: new electronics or travel vouchers; all from a site where we bet online with pleasure.

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Blitz.be is an online casino that offers high payout percentages and fast loads for players to keep coming back for more! The site can be accessed from any mobile device or computer, making it easy on the go too! It has customer support available 24/7 with live chat as well but unfortunately no casinos have live dealer games due to strict laws in Belgium prohibiting electronic gambling machines within its borders

You can’t deposit your US dollars with Blitz anyway, but you CAN use VISA or MasterCard. As well as bank transfers through SEPA transactions – all of these methods come with fees though except via SEPA where the transaction fee is ZERO!

Blitz does not accept US player deposits what so ever nor do they take cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc… Other deposit options include credit cards (Visa & MasterCard) and bank transfers from within Europe to their site using a “SEPA” type transfer which comes without any additional costs for transferring money across borders over there in that continent.