May 28, 2021

Bodog Casino Bonus Codes

By Rowena

Bodog Casino Casino Review

Bodog Casino offers a unique take on casino players. With over 100 games, an impressive progressive jackpot network of $4 million+, and easy to use mobile app available for iPhones or iPads as well as tablets and smart phones – Bodog may be the perfect spot for you!

The only thing better than one gambling site would be two. That’s why Slots of Vegas offers both a live casino and an online gaming experience to keep you enthralled for hours on end with just the click of your mouse button, no matter what kind of mood you’re in or type game that best suits it! So whether you want something simple like some good ol’ video poker, or if sports betting is more up your alley then this might just be where all bets are off – literally!

You can’t find a better casino online than Bodog. They give you everything at the same time and never make your already busy schedule feel busier

But what we love most about Bodog Casino is their ability to provide us with an all-inclusive gambling experience without making our already hectic schedules even more so!

Bodog Casino Casino VIP

Bodog VIP clubs are different because you’re invited right away. This approach makes getting a membership with us classy as we carefully evaluate each member before inviting them in for the 94 Club. You’ll be a member of the prestigious 94 Club in no time if you play well and stay loyal to Bodog Casino!

You can take advantage of perks like double comp points, exclusive offers and weekly bonuses. Plus you’ll get to experience premier live events happening all around the world including special exclusive parties at exotic locations across globe!

The benefits are plentiful: Double Comp Points, Exclusive Offers & Weekly Bonuses as well as Premier Live Events taking place worldwide for those willing to have one wild adventure after another.

Bonuses Promotions

The Bodog Casino welcomes you with 2 exciting bonuses. The first bonus is a 100% Match Bonus of up to $400 which can be redeemed on any slot machine game, and the second comes in at 100%, providing up to an additional $200 for your favorite table games or video poker! With these welcome offers combined, players are able to collect as much as 600$ worth of free money!

The casino will give you two types of welcome bonuses: a promotional match bonus that provides anywhere from 200-400$, depending if playing slots or other gaming options (promotional codes WELCOMESLOTS), and another type that gives cash back when playing specific games like Blackjack/Table Games/Video Poker (the code required being W). Players can get these great deals happening daily, weekly, monthly with Bodog. As there are so many fabulous offers for players to take advantage of at any time of the week they’ll never be bored!


Bodog Casino, though primarily catering to a US audience, accepts UK pounds and Euros as well. Though the banking methods at Bodog are rather limited right now (you can only make deposits with bank transfers or by using various credit cards), all transactions made through their site will be safe–so you don’t have anything to worry about! Bodog has built up longstanding reputation in the gaming industry over time, making them one of most reliable casinos around today.


The Bodog Casino provides players with over 100 different RTG games to choose from. These 3D slots offer fantastic graphics and sounds, as well as the unique ability for North American players. VIP members of their casino can expect new game releases like Blackjack or Roulette accompanied by a little surprise!

Loyalty Rewards VIP

The VIP structure at Bodog is very different to any other online casinos. Instead of the regular ladders players have to climb, you’re invited by a casino manager so that no matter what level 99 player you are, your high status gives bragging rights and makes it more exciting for everyone else too!

After reaching certain amount of comp points, as determined by the leaderboard rankings (which can be found in your profile), one will receive an invitation from either a Casino Manager or Vice President inviting them into The Club with exclusive membership perks such as increased cash back bonuses, private gaming tables like “high stakes poker” where only those who are members may enter; event invitations when big celebrities come through town; personalized customer service agents available 24/7 plus phone lines. Members also get invited to VIP events at casinos and hotels all around Las Vegas!

Bodog Casino has turned the game of poker into a luxurious experience with its extraordinary benefits for their high-level players. It’s almost too good to pass up!

Members of Bodog can enjoy a variety of benefits that include double standard comp points per dollar spent, weekly bonuses and even live events! You’ll never be bored again with access to world-class entertainment.

Customer Service

Bodog is always available for its players. With the 24-hour customer service line and an online chat that’s live at all times, they go above and beyond to make sure you’re taken care of!

Bodog has a phone number just in case there are any issues with their website or services as well as a handy Live Chat option if necessary but don’t fret because these guys will be here whenever we need them anyway.

Casino Help Articles can help you get the most of your experience on Casino. From getting started with bonuses, to mastering games like slots, Poker and Blackjack this is a great resource for beginners as well as experts looking to brush up their skills or find inspiration!

Casino’s website offers all sorts of articles that will be helpful no matter what level player you are- from beginner tutorials about how casinos work in general and welcoming new players with perks such as introductory bonus rounds (wherein users receive free cash), continuing through more advanced topics on casino etiquette like table manners while playing roulette.

Join Now

Bodog Casino is one of the world’s best. Why? It offers newbies bonuses, but this company really shines when it comes to their culture over time! Employees are well trained and knowledgeable about all your favorite brands meaning you’ll be in good hands as soon as you walk through those doors for a night or two with games that will excite even diehard players.

A corporation that is committed to making everything enjoyable for its employees, as well as the customers who are lucky enough to have come into contact with this service.

A company which has been around since day one and is still going strong today thanks in part due because of their commitment towards working hard every single day they’re open regardless if staff members enjoy what they do or not.

Withdrawal Options

We know that when you enter the doors of a casino, it’s not just about money-it is also about people. People like yourself who are looking for an amazing time in their new home away from home complete with amenities galore! Come visit Bodog Casino where we have exciting bonuses and knowledgeable employees to help make your experience even more enjoyable.

The Bodog casino is the perfect place to let loose and have a great time, so when you’re not busy spending your hard-earned cash on new clothes or an exotic vacation, sign up for VIP membership now because it’s more than just fun – with this exclusive treatment comes some pretty remarkable benefits.