May 18, 2022

Tongariro Crossing Shuttle Options


Expedia offers one-of-a-kind activities that allow you to explore Otukou your way. We have the perfect activity for everyone, no matter what your passion is: nature, culture, food, or adventure. This service takes you from the end of the track to the start.

The main trunk railway between Auckland and Wellington National Park Village and Ohakune. The train runs three days per week going south and three days per week going north. There are restrictions on the number of shuttles that can take you to Whakapapa Village. The nearest towns are Taumarunui, National Park Village, Ohakune and Turangi.

There is abundance of short walks, day hikes and multi-day hikes. Read more about check here. Guiding is not common during the summer months as the track is clear and well marked. It is very popular to self guide at this time of year with our map and information sheet to help you along the way. Side summits can be safely climbed at this time of year.

A guide to Tongariro National Park: When to go, where to stay and what to do – Stuff

A guide to Tongariro National Park: When to go, where to stay and what to do.

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It takes minutes to get to Crossing. The reason for this is you’ll drive to Ketetahi, find a park, find your shuttle and travel back to the start in the shuttle. Another reason you need a shuttle is there’s a 4 hour limit at the car parks at both ends.

Is Tongariro Alpine Crossing open?


Shuttles are no longer operating and closed for the remainder of the season. Latest weather update – Tongariro National Park. For more info enquire here.

Many companies offer shuttles to and fro the Crossing. The way this works is you drive to Ketetahi in the morning and park your car there for the day. You’ll be taken to the start by a shuttle, then you’ll return to your car. There are return shuttle services that will pick you up from your Tongariro Alpine Crossing accommodation. You will need to book shuttles to start the hike. Parking is limited to just 4 hours.